Plastic Injection Molding for Industry

Vital to the industrial world for decades, production in plastics is here to stay and is continually evolving.

Plastic is used to make safety products for workers. Plastic components ensure that tools operate more efficiently and extend their lives. A huge benefit to manufacturing is the considerable savings in production, storage and shipping costs of plastic over those associated with metal. Plastics have also changed the complexion of what we manufacture—the materials we use, the intricacies of design, shape and color—and in many cases, it has considerably reduced the end product price for consumers.

Some of the products and components Bright Plastics has made specifically for the industrial market are:

  • Air brake diaphragms
  • Toilet flap valves
  • Face and body shields
  • Weather-insulated electronics housings
  • Culinary and confectionary containers
  • Presentation frames for manufacturers’ showrooms
  • Covers for lawnmowers and snow blowers
  • Headlight assemblies and air grilles for lawnmowers
  • Gears for lawnmowers and chainsaws

Some items would likely have priced themselves into extinction, had it not been for the efficiencies and cost savings plastics have initiated.

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