Plastic Injection Molding for Medical Device Manufacturing

Bright Plastics is ISO 13485:2003 certified for medical device  manufacturing, as well as FDA-registered as a medical device manufacturing facility. Our ISO 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom features four all-electric molding machines. These qualifications, combined with our scientific injection molding process, position Bright Plastics to work with a diversity of medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Examples of medical device products in our portfolio:

  • Surgical equipment components
  • Ostomy bags for premature babies
  • Diagnostic drug test kits – molding, decorating and assembly
  • Vial vent filters – safety precaution for pharmacists
  • Cups and jars for organ harvesting
  • Disposable forceps
  • Luer caps and straps
  • Tubing connectors and clips
  • Disposable clamps
  • Oxygen bushings

Bright Plastics routinely performs IQ, OQ and PQ evaluations to comply with medical qualification protocol.

IQ – Installation qualification – We ensure that the equipment received matches the specifications we require and ordered, and that it is installed properly.
OQ – Operational qualification – We make sure the equipment runs the way it is supposed to run without material and prior to use in manufacturing.
PQ – Performance qualification – Finally, we test the machinery under load – in the case of a molding machine, this means with the amount of material it should hold, a mold in and running. We make sure that it effectively produces parts that fall within the intended capacity and function designed, and performs to medical qualification standards.

This three-step evaluation process applies to any type of machinery used in our medical manufacturing division.

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