Plastic Injection Molding for the Lawn and Garden Industry

The lawn and garden industry boasts more than 36 billion dollars in annual sales. From a little patch of vegetable garden to an outdoor paradise, more than 90 million households are involved in some type of lawn and gardening activity. Whether it’s to play, visit, cook, dine or unwind, most of us are living outdoors more. We want to personalize our natural surroundings and make them attractive and welcoming.

Many of these are made from plastic or have plastic components, and Bright Plastics is your resource. Bright Plastics makes a diverse assortment of products for the lawn and garden industry, and we’re poised for more.

  • Temporary flower pots for transportation from the nursery to home
  • Hanging flower pots for indoors and outdoors
  • Plant care information stakes
  • Christmas tree funnels
  • Sheaths for gardening scissors
  • Gears for lawnmowers and chainsaws
  • Headlight assemblies and air grilles for lawnmowers
  • Covers for lawnmowers and snow blowers

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