Bright Plastics offers two-shot injection molding that can combine multiple colors and materials into a single automated process to create the unique part that you need. Our use of two-shot and multi-shot injection molding is applicable to many industries, including the medical, consumer products, outdoor recreation, telecommunications and defense industries. The most common use is in decorating esthetic plastic parts such as automotive indicator knobs and specialty parts for the gaming and entertainment industry. Another application is molding together two dissimilar materials such as nylon and thermoplastic elastomer where the nylon may be required for functionality of a part and the elastomer could be used for feeling and esthetic purposes.

The ability to offer two-shot molding will help customers lower costs by reducing machine time, multiple processes and assembly; improve product quality by completing all work on a single machine and removing the margin of error from misalignment and handling issues; increase part performance since the part is bonded and eliminates the need for screws, glue, clips and other adhesives to create a more solid product; and eliminate waste since a single machine cycle takes less time and energy, and the process results in fewer defects and wasted materials.

Advantages of two-shot molding:

  • Creative part design
  • One manufacturing process
  • Chemical bonding and product integrity improvement
  • Manufacturing and assembly cost reduction
  • Flexibility with multi-color, multi-material and multi-component parts

Our two-shot injection molding machines offer one of the widest daylights in the industry while keeping its shop floor footprint to the industry’s smallest size. With no hydraulics and compact size, these machines are a perfect for our Class 7, ISO compliant cleanroom. It flexibly accommodates hot runner molds, molds for long-length product and modern molds in accordance with integral molding or intricate shapes of the products. In addition, die plate dimensions, tie bar clearances and maximum movable side mold weights have been greatly increased, expanding mountable mold sizes up to 40% larger than conventional types. These machines also offer a low-pressure molding method to eliminate molding defects and prolong the life of the mold by lowering the clamping force to the optimum level.

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