(RJG) Scientific Molding

With Bright Plastics’ RJG Master Molder Certification, we achieve the best parts every time. Using decoupled scientific molding practices, we can be much more precise in the manufacture of complex and critical-use injection molding parts.

As companies look for more durable critical-use, complex parts and devices, the need to move beyond standard molding manufacturing is important to meet product specifications of many precision-molded plastic parts.

Benefits of scientific molding:

  • High quality parts
  • Greater production control
  • Repeatable production process
  • Economical material use
  • Better cycle times

“Thanks for all your help, Joe. You and Bright have been a great asset to this program and helped us manage out of some tight situations. I really appreciate your promptness and support. Wish we had more suppliers like Bright.”

— Provider of aerospace manufactured products

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