Bright Plastics offers overmolding to combine your materials into a single part. Plastic can be overmolded to other plastic parts, machined metal parts or existing parts such as screws, handles and electrical connectors. Our experts can advise you on what plastic is best for your overmolding project needs.

The most typical overmolding applications are plastic over plastic and plastic over metal. Overmolding allows you to offer products in a greater variety of styles, colors and textures.

Overmolding has many benefits:

  • Capture one part inside another without the use of fasteners or adhesives
  • Create parts that are aesthetically well-designed
  • Increase comfort and flexible areas to rigid parts
  • Eliminate the need for assembly

“Bright Plastics has been our molding partner for over four years. We have been very happy to rely on them for high quality products and maintaining the integrity of our supply chain.”

— Medical Device Components Supplier

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