Bright Plastics uses the most-advanced quality molding machines for the insert injection molding process because the process requires extremely tight tolerances to ensure the proper formation of the plastic parts being created. The slightest misalignment of even a fraction of a millimeter can lead to the ultimate failure of the molding process. Our state-of-the-art insert molding equipment can meet your most exacting specifications.

Our insert injection molding machines and advanced quality equipment enable us to quickly adapt to the constant advancements throughout our industry. Improvements in polymer technologies and molding processes have opened doors to new and exciting products and processes. At Bright Plastics, we are excited for these advances, as we provide our customers with the most current, insert molding options available.

Insert molding metal inserts are derived directly from insert injection materials and are regularly used in a wide range of industries including: aerospace, medical, military, industrial, telecommunication, and consumer markets.

Benefits of insert injection molding:

  • Enhanced design flexibility
  • Improved component reliability
  • Improved strength and structure
  • Reduced assembly and labor costs
  • Reduced part size and weight

“I wanted to say thanks for all that Bright Plastics does for us. Our business can be volatile. We appreciate your help in accommodating our needs as we react to increasing demand.”

— Manufacturer of safety products for the transportation industry

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