We have an experienced and talented team to help you with your plastic parts needs from new product development to solving performance and quality issues with existing products. 80% of a plastic injection molded part’s cost is determined by design. Design impacts quality, reliability, functionality, serviceability and manufacturability. It effects how quickly a new product can be introduced and is a key driver of competitive advantage.

With our SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software and 3D printing capabilities, we can successfully create and test the components you need that are designed for use, manufacturability and competitive advantage.

At Bright Plastics, we have been part of many cost-saving and innovative products for companies. Samples of these groundbreaking, creative solutions are listed below.

Confluence Outdoor is a manufacturer of kayaks and other outdoor products. Together with Bright Plastics, the companies developed a groundbreaking, patented hatch seal to prevent leaking. The Double Seal Kayak hatch also reduced manufacturing costs to initially save more than $70K in tooling expenses. The savings have continued through improved manufacturing cycle times and improved product strengthening Confluence Outdoor’s position in the marketplace. This tooling innovation allowed for both the deck and hatch seals to be formed in one injection molding process. By tunneling through the lower hatch body, the thermoplastic completely seals in one step.

Hip Label Company distributes labels that provide information about plants that are marketed through various nurseries and retailers such as Lowes and Walmart. The labels are mounted to plastic clips to provide consumer information on each plant. The company faced issues with unstable label connection, limited pot size attachment and weak design. Working with Bright Plastics, the Hip Clip™ was created to provide an improved label mounting system that eliminated a hole punching process at label manufacturing. The clip not only stabilized the label but was designed to attach to a wide variety of pot rims and sizes and provide a large surface for stickers. Bright Plastics new design eliminated work at the mold leading to cost savings and increased perceived value with better appearance and brand identity.