Bright Plastics can create an electronic model of your concept to manufacture a small- or full-scale prototype so you do not make a large investment of time and money. We start with your concept and an electronic model can be created using SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software. This electronic model is then used to produce a small- or full-scale prototype.

Using the Carbon® system, we are able to digitally fabricate your product design. Depending on your needs, some of our prototyping technologies will produce parts closely matching the characteristics of molded plastics, so functional performance can be tested. We also offer prototyping methods that deliver marketing or display models with the finish, color and feel of the final design.

In our Engineering Lab, we have a 3D printing system that can create a durable and 100% functional prototype for hard to create parts and even low- to medium-volume production runs without the added expense of an injection mold. With this patented system, Bright Plastics can create the highest quality parts for testing and can manufacture identical pieces for small-volume production ensuring that the prototype is the same part as the final piece produced. Using advanced technology, parts no longer need to sacrifice surface finish for mechanical properties.

Rapid prototyping is the most cost-effective way to verify accuracy of design and test a product before going into full production. We can create a single part or a small production run. Regardless of what your product is or what your budget will allow, Bright Plastics provides the guidance and the answers you need.

Plating services also available for 3D printed materials for esthetic enhancement and greater durability. Plating can create a more cosmetically appealing part, causing a plastic part to appear to be made of metal. Plating also changes the properties of a part, making it stiffer and increasing durability. Customers can choose from a wide range of plated finishes, including nickel, bronze, copper, and black patina.

Bright Plastics is an official partner of Carbon 3D.

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