Greensboro, NC – March 1, 2016 – Bright Plastics, a custom injection molding company, is a proud participant in the [GAPNC] Guilford Apprenticeship Partners initiative. Led by several local business partners, GAP is sponsored by the Triad Workforce Solutions Collaborative and the Greensboro Partnership. GAP offers local high school students apprenticeship programs with manufacturing companies in the area. There is the potential to earn income and there are no student loans attached.

Todd Poteat, Bright Plastics’ VP of Manufacturing, is the company’s liaison with GAP. He is not only pleased with the structure of the program, but sees the benefits to many. Poteat said, “This apprenticeship program is an opportunity for students to get a two-year degree and a journeyman-level certification by both the state and federal government that is portable in all 50 states. To complete the 8,000-hour college program, a student must have 1,600 hours of classroom training and 6,400 hours of supervised, on-the-job training. Area businesses that participate are essentially grooming their own workforce and building a strong resource of skilled workers which are so desperately needed in the manufacturing sector.”

Mr. Poteat continued by touting the benefits to the community. “It’s rewarding to know that Bright Plastics and other partners in GAP are encouraging talented young people to live and work here after college graduation. They will contribute to our local culture and economy for years to come.”

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