Designed to Keep Kayaks Dry

Bright Plastics, Inc.- a custom injection molding company – has improved a hatch system for Confluence Outdoor, maker of kayaks, canoes and related accessories. The design was modified and new tooling was custom-built for their Orbix™ hatch system. The hatch now includes a molded-in rubber seal – with a tighter tolerance than a rubber gasket – to prevent leaking while the kayak is in use.

Improving the seal’s design ensures that personal items like cell phones, car keys and camping gear can be stored in kayaks without becoming wet. Prototypes were introduced at last year’s Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City where the enhanced system was met with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Confluence Outdoor originally approached Bright Plastics about designing and manufacturing a special hatch system for their kayaks in 2013. The Bright Plastics engineering team, along with its industrial designers, created conceptual designs. After approval from Confluence Outdoor, the molds were built, tested and then the hatch seals went into full production. The new seal allows Confluence to move from a water resistant hatch system to a watertight hatch system.

Bright Plastics filed for a patent on behalf of Confluence Outdoors for the Orbix™ system. Kayaks with the new hatch are available at retail stores now.

For the past 18 years Bright Plastics has manufactured seat systems, leg lifters, rudder systems, foot pedals and controls for Confluence Outdoor. “Based on our relationship with Bright Plastics, we knew they were the company to turn to for a more secure hatch for our kayaks,” said Chris Riggins, Director of Engineering for Confluence Outdoor. “We are very happy with what they designed. It works perfectly and results in a much drier kayaking experience for our customers.”

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