Greensboro, NC – October 27, 2016 – Bright Plastics, a custom injection molding company, has added to its arsenal of machinery, further enhancing operations and sharing the benefit of efficiencies with customers.

Bright recently purchased a Hurco® CNC machine which will allow the company to build and repair more molds in house. Bright Plastics’ Vice President of Manufacturing, Todd Poteat said, “Keeping this process at home saves time and expense. We can review the design on the monitor to make sure our data is accurate before cutting. Almost all material waste is eliminated. Our customers will reap the rewards.”

Now operating 31 molding machines overall, the company added a fourth all-electric molding machine to three others dedicated to its ISO 8, class 100,000 cleanroom operation. The Nissei, NEX 180 III operates at 200 tons of clamp and is perfectly suited for medical device components. Purchased to work in conjunction with the Nissei, is a new WITTMANN W823 robot. The robot adds operational flexibility as it’s suitable for multiple applications – runner removal, packaging, sorting, etc. Poteat has seen increased production and decreased operator error since the installation of the new machine and its robot partner. “It’s exciting to see our medical division growing. Bright Plastics believes strongly in a machine management program.

That means regular maintenance for existing machines, sending some out to pasture when necessary and replacing them with new technology. This discipline holds our position as a leader in the plastics industry.”


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