Do you remember the first time you flew on an airplane? For 18-year-old apprentice Phillip Fuller, it was in early March 2018, when he traveled to New York City to discuss his experience in a local apprenticeship program in North Carolina …

At 16 years old, Phillip entered the apprenticeship program at Bright Plastics in Greensboro, NC. As a high school student, he split his time between traditional learning in school and developing the skills needed to enter into a career in manufacturing. After graduating from High Point High School in 2017, Phillip enrolled at Guilford Technical Community College where he is currently attending classes tuition-free while working toward an Associate Degree in Manufacturing Technologies.

Phillip is continuing his apprenticeship while studying for his degree. He is in a Process Technician apprenticeship, where he spends time each week in the classroom learning theoretical content and working with a mentor at Bright Plastics doing on-the-job training. Phillip is one of many young people across his region, and the nation, taking advantage of programs that provide the skills and experience needed to succeed in today’s growing industries.

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